Multistore Management Simplified


Product Overview

View and manage all of your products from a single index. You can choose which columns you want to show, and you can sort and filter by product attributes and the save the results as a product list. You can also easily filter by channels, or order change the order of the products.

Product Details

View and update all details and related media of an individual product. including variations, categories and attributes. You can also filter attributes by their product family or group for easy management. Channel specific product categories can also be set here for when products are synced and created on channels.

Product Attributes

This feature enables you to specify distinct features or qualities of a product, for instance, its hue, dimensions, heaviness, or composition. Such attributes contribute to enhancing product information specifics, improving product search and filtering capabilities, as well as aid in product comparison. You can add unlimited attributes.

Product Attribute Groups

Enables you to assemble associated attributes for simpler control. Take for instance, you can form an attribute set for “Physical Characteristics” encompassing attributes such as dimensions, weight, and fabric. Employing attribute clusters not only streamlines your product data organization but also simplifies its management and updating.

Product Families

Product Families serve as a convenient method for associating specific attributes to products of identical categories, thereby enabling the display of only pertinent attributes for each respective family.

Product Categories

This feature enables the arrangement of products into various categories or hierarchical stages. It serves to streamline product organisation and simplifies customer navigation in their search for specific products.

Product Completeness

This feature allows you to monitor and sort products based on the completeness of their details. Essential elements of a product’s specification can be set to evaluate its overall completeness. Products designated as “Completed” guarantee precise data and correct dissemination over numerous sales and promotional platforms.

Product Lists

Product lists help you organize your products into segments. Use them for internal management or to push only a specific set of product data to sale channels. Product lists can be Smart or Static. You can also filter your product overview by these lists. Smart lists can be configured to show only products that match a set of specific rules.

Product Changelog

All product updates are stored in a change log with following information; Date, User, Event, Changed Attributes. Never wonder again who changed what.